Year 6 trip to Royal Marines Museum

A small but perfectly formed picture of the Year 6 trip to the Royal Marines Museum yesterday – click for a full size version!

yr 6 royal marines 2014

Trick or Treating

If, like Mr Gilmour, you’d prefer not to have anyone knock at your door this Halloween then Hampshire Constabulary have a poster that you can download and print out.  The link is here.

Celebration Assembly 20th October 2014

Here is the last presentation for this half term.  Lates continue to be of great concern and this week we are targeting persistent latecomers with early morning texts.  After half term we will also introduce a “pay back” system where children who are late for no good reason will have to stay in at break time to make up for the lost lesson time caused by their lateness.

My continued thanks to the majority of parents who do ensure their children get here on time.

celebration-assembly 20-10-14

Celebration Assembly 13 October 2014

This week’s lates have been reduced to 61 – this is an improvement but we need to be even better as that is still an average of 12 children a day so please let’s keep working on this!

celebration-assembly 13-10-14

Celebration Assembly 6 October 2014

Here is this week’s presentation.

Lates are becoming an issue with 75 incidences last week.  We will be asking parents of children who are consistently late to meet with us and Fixed Penalty Notices can be issues for regular lateness –  please make sure your child is always on time!

celebration-assembly 6-10-14

Celebration Assembly 29th September 2014

Here is this week’s presentation.  Please note that attendance and punctuality are for Monday to Wednesday only as Mrs Smith was training at the end of the week!

celebration-assembly 29-9-14

Celebration Assembly 22nd September 2014

Here is this week’s presentation!celebration-assembly 22-9-14